Learning Is Evolving

gmp-radioChallenges. Tough times. Failure. These times are teaching times.

We can learn without crisis; it’s choice. We are born and evolve through phases of changes. As a child, we are aware of details of changes, take to them open heartedly, and apply ourselves to learning. We are taught to do the fundamentals of getting around, feeding ourselves, toilet training, bathing, picking up and putting away, and caring of things.

Learning is evolving. We evolve until death. Just as when we were a child, we will find our selves in situations where we haven’t learned yet about something. Or maybe we know and we just don’t do it.

It doesn’t matter what age we are; if we are alive, we are evolving and we will keep learning, through study or crisis. We fail forward as we learn and take action until we get it right.

So, if you are encountering the same situations in life, then you’re just being shown what you are not understanding or doing.

Life is evolution. It has purpose. You are unique, because you are one of a kind, as your finger print reveals.

Out of a billion sperms you won the race to the Mother’s egg and from that win, your experience of physical life has begun. Meet each challenge as you did that race and continue with victories. It is moving constantly to completion, and stops. Until then live, laugh, learn, and love!!

Tenzin Yuthok on Being a Refugee

Growing up, the needs were limited being a refugee. I always had a greatest joy even when I get second hand parcel from our western friends from Japan, Europe and North America. I have been bullied and called out names not having our own country but at end of the day, I had a great spiritual guidance that those negativity didn’t cling long enough.

Coming to America,meeting all these ambitious, confident, independent Americans, I envied them.They have a minds of going forward in any field and could break all the obstacles that would come their way. But when it comes to nature obstacles like losing loved ones, seeing loved one being apart, being bullied then they choose the alternative way of committing suicide and rely on medication.It is heart breaking to see that.And I realized,they lack the very simple thing in life which is spiritual guidance.

On March 7th 2015, I met this amazing beautiful soul lady named Parisha also known as grandmother. She has a wonderful energy which is clear as crystal.We spend two days together in one roof sharing same thoughts of loving and giving.What I have come to know is,there is not a single person who wouldn’t noticed her energy.You can feel her presence from distance.

If you are seeking any spiritual guidance,she is the one.She has the best medicine to cure any emotional and spiritual guidance.At the end of the day,you will find your peace of mind through her guidance.


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Pass This Amazing Video On!!

Winter Storm Juno!!


Sending energy and thoughts of caring for all my friends and associates experiencing the Winter Storm Juno!! This is Earth Changes and the Earth is talking. Science and Prophecy agree it’s just beginning and will become much more.

That’s why I’m out here in the Southwest and waiting till it all blows over!!
Stay warm and out of harms way! Sending hugs.

Celebrating Great Results


Celebrating the great results coming in! This wonderful article published in the AAA magazine, Highroads, confirms the work we have been doing. Please read it and give appreciation for all the good things in life.


The Trust of Mates


It is such a powerful trust to become mates. The joining of power and nobility.

To acknowledge the differences in great compliment!!







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