Going in the Right Direction


Your values will express themselves in these areas of your life, spirit, mind, finance, vocation, relationships, and health. These are your compass to observe if you’re going in the right direction and where you need apply your focus to achieve all you desire to be.

Life is a Book We Write . . .


Life is a book we write as we make choices. The story base is our beliefs. We live as we think. What’s so wonderful is we can control the happy ending.

Education is a Privilege


Education is a privilege. One that requires a passion for knowledge, and takes energy and time. It’s a labor of mind and body and brings the reality of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Joe Dispenza in Pasadena in October!!

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Joe Dispenza will be presenting at the Pasadena – I Can Do It! event next month! This is a recommended event as one of the three events required of students in the Business Success Now Program!! Exciting and a must! Check it out!! http://www.hayhouse.com/i-can-do-it-2014-pasadena

Pa’Ris’Ha Presents in Quebec, Canada


How Does Climate Change Affect Us?

What Can We Do to Significantly Influence the
Balance of the Earth?


Saturday, September 6, 2014, 7:00pm
Centre Communautaire Henri St-Arnaud
1 Place du Centre,
St-Narcisse, Quebec
Canada G0X 2Y0

Pa’Ris’Ha is a guardian of the peace, a teacher of the Way of Wisdom.
When asked to describe herself, she humbly responds:
This one called “Pa’Ris’Ha” is a wife, a mother, a grandmother,
and a protector of Earth
I am a child of the Creator, loving, serving, living and doing my apprenticeship in this world.

For more information, contact:


1341, 5e Avenue,
Shawinigan-Sud QC
Canada G9P 1M2


Native Wisdom on These Current Times

jonette-crowleyAwakening Zone Host, Jonette Crowley Interviews Pa’Ris’Ha

August 28, 2014 at 12:00pm Central | 11:00am Colorado | 10:00am Arizona


Listen:  http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3284

Native Wisdom on These Current Times will be the topic of our discussion with Pa’Ris’Ha, who has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha. As a holy woman, with close ties to the Hopi, the Mayans and other indigenous groups she brings an ancient perspective to current times. She wholly believes in each of us living in abundance and will talk about some of the steps she teaches. Listening to Pa’Ris’Ha opens your heart.

Bio: Pa’Ris’Ha is an Alchemist of Wealth Manifestation, a life coach and a Spiritual Archeologist who has bettered millions of people’s lives for over fifty years. She has taught in over 140 countries and traveled most of her life.  Pa’Ris’Ha, a mixed blood Cherokee Native and Elder, teaches what she lives. She has studied and stayed on the leading edge of research in many sciences: brain and mind research, physics, quantum physics, biology, historic and ancient sciences, theology and ancient spirituality, and cultural wisdoms, to name a few.  A master in the law of abundance and prosperity, she has a unique business process that generates immediate profit results.  Pa’Ris’Ha has been recognized by Tibetan master Kalu Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Buddha TARA, as well as acknowledged as the reincarnation of the Russian Mystic Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society.

Our First Full Moon after Sun Ceremony














We have come to our First Full Moon after Sun Ceremony. There is so much going on everywhere. The environmental field is churning with emotional havoc. Death is happening on all levels. The numbers are growing as the Old Ones said.

How do we individually deal with this and hold true to our new self and apply the wisdom now understood? How do we stay focused on The Beauty Way when all this surrounds us? That’s when your heart has to be clear on your faith, and your mind and brain have to be well developed and powerfully strong in holding your focus. A doubt and it falls.

Accepting that Creator/God loves us all equally, that we have individual value and purpose for being born here in body, and we accept proof of that in realization of our fingerprint being one of a kind, then we focus on self discovery. With intelligent intent, we each were commanded to BE, then embodiment began as circumstances were set up for our conception and birth. Finding our code is knowing what particular service each has to give. You are important enough to be sent forward and could not exist without intent. God’s intent. There is no other reason to be in body.

We exist in the Field of a Matrix only as a frequency of energy and action. Even when you mindlessly choose nothing and you are physically saying and doing nothing, there is energy moving and having effect. So mindlessness is contributing to something. There is always a consequence, cause and effect. When your energy is random and has no determined intent, the forces around you use your field for their purpose. I’m giving this example in terms like this for sake of clarity. There are professional titles for all this energy and outcome. I am not sure how well conversant all of you are with that.

So my point is, if you have put no intent in place, you are clearly not in control; something else is!! The powers present have a strong determination to control and resolve life as a field of limitless possibilities, and to destroy choice. The game is on, and in the field of duality, you have to choose because each of us has free will. It is all intelligent and intentional. It’s all principles of nature. So there is no Source to turn to other than the God Within. You are who and what you are praying for and hoping to find grace. It’s all you beloved children of God!!

So now what? How can we make a difference? Scripture and science say to be inclusive and through unity we can build; through separation and singly, we destroy. Matthew, in the Bible, says where two or more gather, I AM. When two atoms group, they merge and create a molecule that is a field of information that comes of their merging. They are the principle of Three; in the beginning there is one, then there are two, and then the two become three and from the three become all things.

All this is to help you think clearly on your purpose here and an appeal  for intent and action. When we make determinations, we build in our field an energy that demonstrates our abilities. So being our word and keeping that trust is necessary to have authority to move MEST. (Matter, Energy, Space and Time). So like any athlete in training, you are in such training to earn that truth of fitness to meet the challenge. Mind will play whatever you want it to do and will create whatever proof you need to be right. It’s neither right nor wrong, it’s just how it goes. But in each of us is the seed of the One that Knows, the moment we lie to ourselves, that truth is present as well. Nothing can exist here without an opposite. So regardless of the denial games of justification, we know. There is an ingrained God code that cannot be hacked!!

So as Sun Dancers, our choices of disciplines give us authority in how and what our energy/life force is in action with.

Now understand, we cannot be against anything. (I know, but that’s a fact as well.) So how do we help and make beauty way? We live it. Everyday, all day, every breath and heart beat!!! So we can see what is going on around the world but not be in it!!

What we do, every action we do, must only be focused on our intent of what we stand for!!

Therefore, having a strong collective (the many) helps immensely!! And we need huge impact to get a momentum in action to start it with strength to carry it until it’s own motion can carry it.

This is why to develop habitual powerful lifestyles, repetition is needed.

So Sun Dancers have disciplines to do that. The point is to do the best they can DAILY. So the practices are to be involved in community, locally and globally. Join groups of service-based activities, like organizations that help children, or young women and men going for better educations, and provide families assistance while in a crisis. There are many opportunities to get involved and support them, to doing more than one is asked, as well as support our own organizational needs. So a focus of trust in generosity is developed. We expand life by including a new person in our life everyday. Not just a passing hello, but to know them and remember them; to care about them, to have affinity with them.

Then, we practice healthy eating and physical health action. We work with healing work of our individual interest. So training in healing ways are desired.

Then we do financial practices to be more than a consumer. So we do Set-a-side everyday. The everyday is to learn being present in every moment and to live powerfully in present time. Be Present. Be in clear mind. Resolve confusion and put in order. Have control and take lead when needed.

For financial authority, we set aside daily money to the various areas we support. To name a few: investments, education, pledges to assist the development of our ceremonies and activities, as well as maintaining the care of our facilities. We pledge to support our Elders and Spiritual Leaders. So we give to help with food, house repairs, home maintenance and medical care, if needed. We take on personal care projects like helping a family or person to get up and sustain themselves. We assist in adopting young people and find families for them.

Our daily life is living the reality of The Beauty Way. Focused and centered in doing our best and letting everyday be a merit and feather of valor in our Ceremony. Ceremonialists do their BEST in all things and hold respect for themselves and all things and all life. Some years, people have heavy processes going on with old habits and can only manage setting aside a dollar a day, and showing up to keep their word. That counts. Doing our best has results. There are always effects. We face ourselves and truth when Mind-Body rules and our Elders bring clear mind to the situation even when it’s not easy to take. They speak what we already know, but the charge has to be resolved and by come-front, we bring it out into the open and not nurture it in excuses, blame or judgment. It is called out and is no longer being denied. Charge resolved. Then we can move forward and be clear.

So be of brave heart, respect yourselves and do your best. Hold your ground and course daily. Be present in what you stand for. You make a difference and your code/formula is needed! So God has sent forth!!

Hold to your Full Moon postulates and so it is!!

Many wins!!

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