We Were Sent Forth . . .


We are intelligence in form to express its mission in this field and dimension. We were sent forth to become and we are needed. Our component is vital to the whole. We exist only that God Is and has given purpose to our Being here. No matter how you may not like that, it simply is fact.

Going in the Right Direction


Your values will express themselves in these areas of your life, spirit, mind, finance, vocation, relationships, and health. These are your compass to observe if you’re going in the right direction and where you need apply your focus to achieve all you desire to be.

Life is a Book We Write . . .


Life is a book we write as we make choices. The story base is our beliefs. We live as we think. What’s so wonderful is we can control the happy ending.

Education is a Privilege


Education is a privilege. One that requires a passion for knowledge, and takes energy and time. It’s a labor of mind and body and brings the reality of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Joe Dispenza in Pasadena in October!!

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Joe Dispenza will be presenting at the Pasadena – I Can Do It! event next month! This is a recommended event as one of the three events required of students in the Business Success Now Program!! Exciting and a must! Check it out!! http://www.hayhouse.com/i-can-do-it-2014-pasadena

Pa’Ris’Ha Presents in Quebec, Canada


How Does Climate Change Affect Us?

What Can We Do to Significantly Influence the
Balance of the Earth?


Saturday, September 6, 2014, 7:00pm
Centre Communautaire Henri St-Arnaud
1 Place du Centre,
St-Narcisse, Quebec
Canada G0X 2Y0

Pa’Ris’Ha is a guardian of the peace, a teacher of the Way of Wisdom.
When asked to describe herself, she humbly responds:
This one called “Pa’Ris’Ha” is a wife, a mother, a grandmother,
and a protector of Earth
I am a child of the Creator, loving, serving, living and doing my apprenticeship in this world.

For more information, contact:


1341, 5e Avenue,
Shawinigan-Sud QC
Canada G9P 1M2


Native Wisdom on These Current Times

jonette-crowleyAwakening Zone Host, Jonette Crowley Interviews Pa’Ris’Ha

August 28, 2014 at 12:00pm Central | 11:00am Colorado | 10:00am Arizona


Listen:  http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3284

Native Wisdom on These Current Times will be the topic of our discussion with Pa’Ris’Ha, who has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha. As a holy woman, with close ties to the Hopi, the Mayans and other indigenous groups she brings an ancient perspective to current times. She wholly believes in each of us living in abundance and will talk about some of the steps she teaches. Listening to Pa’Ris’Ha opens your heart.

Bio: Pa’Ris’Ha is an Alchemist of Wealth Manifestation, a life coach and a Spiritual Archeologist who has bettered millions of people’s lives for over fifty years. She has taught in over 140 countries and traveled most of her life.  Pa’Ris’Ha, a mixed blood Cherokee Native and Elder, teaches what she lives. She has studied and stayed on the leading edge of research in many sciences: brain and mind research, physics, quantum physics, biology, historic and ancient sciences, theology and ancient spirituality, and cultural wisdoms, to name a few.  A master in the law of abundance and prosperity, she has a unique business process that generates immediate profit results.  Pa’Ris’Ha has been recognized by Tibetan master Kalu Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Buddha TARA, as well as acknowledged as the reincarnation of the Russian Mystic Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society.

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