Cherokee Homecoming!

Stopped for Cherokee home cooking! Milk gravy and biscuits!! Yummy!

Met with friends and savored the closeness of traditional family. Realized I
was getting out of touch with our language when they spoke to me. When I speak it, I feel it in every cell. The word Home comes to heart!! I love my Cherokee family and people. It’s the core of my Being!!!IMG_1036.JPG_2


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Your Magnificent Body!!!

!!!!Your body is a nation unto……

Each individual cell is a community member of a 50 trillion population. Each cell has all the functions that are present in the whole human body. Each has its own nervous, respiratory, musculoskeletal, digestive, reproductive, and immune systems!! Each equivalent of a mini human being!!

Think about this, the number of cells in one of us humans is equal to the number of people on 8,000 Earths!

And your mind rules it all. So who is controlling your life?photo.PNG-8


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Michio Kaku’s book – The Future of the Mind

A fantastic day, reading Michio Kaku’s book, The Future of the Mind, and teaching – that’s translated in 22 other languages! I would love for you to join me on Friday at 5:00 pm Pacific time.

IMG_0547Plus, check it out on YouTube at your conscience!! It’s exciting discussions and tons of information to help you along to Health, Wealth and Happiness!!

Buy the book or just listen in, it will all make a big difference in your life!!!

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Your “Dream Life”


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You CAN Have it All!

parisha-parisha-taylor-teachesTired of failing?

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A Fantastic Day!!

This was a fantastic day!! I met with 170 geniuses, at a friend’s beautiful estate in La Jolla. These professionals are of such a level of Bhudda mind, from all over this planet, I feel dizzy!! Great discussions!!

She (Earth) is talking loudly and they finally realize they have been deaf to her warnings!! Lots of fear-based reality going on. All over the world, leaders see that they have no immediate solutions and are in crisis. Again, the Old Ones amaze me!! The Ancients are right on the minute. I am in awe of the reality of what we are.

As a timeless collective, all has been put in motion with such accuracy of when and what, that it is mind-boggling to those who think from desperation and not of oneness. It is just too much for them to comprehend how it can be, yet they know the science that validates it.

Solutions I have never contemplated came out of my mouth, extraordinary tech language I am in no way clear on!! There were points that were so far out, I don’t know the terms!!! That got the heads in the room’s interests for sure!!

We went over in time, as usual; discussion just took off! We had dinner reservations scheduled for after the forum, late for sure, but they said to come anyway.

So we will check out here and go to the private dinner where the negotiations begin!! If they truly know anything, they would know, so it is!!


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