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I AM again today!!

ImageThe Sunrise was awesome as ever. Out of my 73 cycles of seasons, I am still in a state of excitement as Nunda (the Sun, referenced here in the feminine, as it is reflected in birthing attributes to some peoples) begins emerging on the horizon and her light rays race across Ela’s (Earth Mother) lands and Mountains to bathe me and all life with birth to a new day; to make of it all the beautiful and magnificent things we call life. As my body and face are touched with the light, I feel it in every cell of my Being and I am reflecting and emanating as light into my day!!

I open my eyes and feast on the beauty of the landscapes of my environment. Desert and Arizona mountains and stones of Earth Art.

How grateful I feel for this day and all it’s possibilities and successes!!

I think of how exciting it is to accept that challenges will come as needed to take me to new discoveries and knowledge that add to my Being and evolving to greater consciousness.

I chant and do my daily practices and I am again filled with love and gratitude for my life and all that has come to challenge me in my health this year and the greater gift today of clearing and confronting all subconscious patterns that become habitual manners of dealing with pain and physical results of our thinking. Today all the drama of emotional denials and pretentious dealing with expectations of others and feeling that I needed to carry the burdens of others. Such insanity!!!

So this day of no pain and clarity of mind and body harmony is welcomed as I step forward in the Sun Rays of light and open and drop my blanket to the ground and lift my arms to the sky and call out to the North Lodge of my Ancestors and Wisdom-keepers!!

Today, I am again here in the Great Mother Earth and in this day I will SEE 1000 beautiful things and Touch 100 Sacred objects and love all as I look into my day of beauty and discovery. I will include all I meet into my Circle of life, and I am wealthy and rich in all things, as abundance is constantly manifesting in and through me. Of myself I am a no thing; of God I am All.

Visioning Time

ImageI am in flow with the cycles that measures us in months/moons. I am blessed in all that comes to me, as challenges give us strength and the experience is wisdom.

I just completed a Vision Time of 48 hours of facing my tiger, that has been chasing me many, many years now. That Tiger was the constant pain of uric acid kidney stones. Five Grandmothers before me have suffered this kidney disease and passed in the process.

So two very wise Elders supported me on my healing Visioning time.

We went to the forested area out around Prescott.

I immediately felt the power of the affinity I have with Forests, as I was born in the Southeastern Woodlands of the U.S.; North Carolina being the Cherokee Homelands. 

I walked to where the Forest said to set up my site/field/sacred space. The Two Elders followed and set up a distance to give me personal space.

My pain was so intense after the walk and climb, I first sat down on the Forest floor and put my heart to the Mother and released my tears and despair. I vomited very hard. Then sat awhile getting clear to what I was here for.

Did my ritual and rites. I felt the Spirit of the Forest and felt Spirit enfold me. 

I laid my body altar to the Earth and surrendered to the pain and intensified it in every way I could until I went out. The journey began…

It began by passing me through the time loop and before my time in Body (Matter energy space and time)

So much history of lineages. We are in a time like no other time in our cyclic  evolutions. I journeyed throughout my birth, childhood, youth and adult life.

Such a rapid run in time.

Not sure of how long. But it was night time and the Elders were still distant so I knew I was still in process.

It took a little time and the pain was full force again. Again, I intensified it to point of passing out.

This time the unwinding stories of my life, and visits of passed love ones. So powerful were the communications!! I faced my anger with five of my dearest loved Buffalo Hearts and the jumping they did by leaving Body/Altars so soon!! I see how crazy we can get emotionally in matters of God’s will!!

Got a run through my time still to come and Humanity as a whole.

I am so blessed and trusted in this mission of purpose. I am filled with light and consciousness surfaces again. It seemed like mid-morning, Nunda/Sun was well above the horizon. I did my morning ceremonies and felt much change in my body and mind.

I laid back on a tree to my back and just feasted on the beauty of the Forest and the magnificence of Nature. After a bit of time, I felt the rumble of Earth Thunder and felt Ela (Earth Mother) move through every cell of my physical Being; then an explosion of inward light that filled my mind and sight…then stillness. I felt suspended in air for a moment. Then the Old Ones were all around me, again the pain came, dizziness and vomiting. I felt myself going in again.

This time it was a journey through many, many life wheels, some of very present people in my life and the Medicine Society, but way more of those in Earth at this time all reaching towards us. This has come to me many times over my life, and I always feel my heart reach back and comfort them. In this service, I have touched over 500 million peoples’ lives and I truly love all of them. In this moment I am given realization of that!! Such power love is!!

I hear now my two attending Elders rattling and each chanting in their different languages. I understand all of what they are chanting, yet I do not speak their tongues.

As I listen, I feel the pain again and now it feels even more than ever!! I hear myself scream from a depth that has no bottom. And I feel every cell explode!! Everything then is still. I thought I must have passed on and was no longer in body!! Didn’t feel anything grounding and physical.

Was there in that place for some time.

Then spiraling light came surrounding me, and absorbed me.

I heard my name spoken, and I felt the Elders who came with me lifting my body and said we are complete in this time.

I just stayed in their arms a while and felt joy and peace.

We discussed much of all that was woven in this time in the gifts of Vision. Theirs and mine.

Much silence, which is usual among Natives. A lot of words are not needed to communicate.

The soreness and pain of my body rejecting the stint the Dr. put in is still very much a part of my awareness, but it is far less intense and less charge in it. I am clear that it is still teaching and empowering me for the days to come. I hold all valuable and of my own doing.

Looking forward to be back in flow with my service and work. So Beloveds, I celebrate life with you!!

SEE! Know!

All good things.

What a Wonder-Filled Day!!


I have had many Grandmothers and Grandfathers speak directly to me and share in depth wisdom of my situation and circumstances. They see me as a young Elder at 73 years old and I find it so loving that they speak to me as such!! With all the matters the body has been experiencing, I had felt everyone of those years and then some.

Each had a perspective regarding my service and present condition and was right on, of course!! So I feel it has been extremely benefitting for my unfolding and moving into this phase of my life wheel.

I will no longer be doing the healing altars as I was doing, as the time for that has passed for everyone.

Entering this new cycle of humanity we are in the process of true liberation. So the real and clear minded Peoples will complete it now. It is not a time of loss but a time of true birthing. So for all who have cleared the grid of 3rd dimension and Spider Mother has woven her transparent Grid/Web, it is now set in motion.

I have had to face the fact that wanting it for the beloveds more than they want it for themselves does not help anything and it becomes only obstacles. So I have had to let go and flow with the “not my will but Your Will!!” And it doesn’t mean I have let anyone down or left them behind. We are all equal in possibilities, some face the tiger and others… Don’t!

So many great teachers and such great fun as well. I love how the point and message is in the bottom line of our teachings and come in our stories and become alive with the players being ourselves!!

 So the Body Altar will take the counseling the Elders have given me, and now go to rest and observe all that has come. To close, I was asked to speak, and that is a high honor with all the wisdom teachers that were on site!! So I just turned it over to the Observer and let it flow from my heart. This came: “My beautiful and dearly loved People, you ask me to speak to the many of you here today and it’s a deep healing inside me that can speak and is accepted, by who really matters. Myself, Ela’s daughter. I am here in this time and world by choice and purpose of which I am of Creator’s instrument. My spirit is open and I am filled with joyful realizations!! My life has been a true adventure and visitations with the most sacred Beings in our history.

You are all of me and me of you. The wonder of our love is that in the days we live in our memories of time before time and in the night we join in our dreams, and in time we weave in and out of life as the universe breaths, here it is eternal, there but a moment.”

When I was complete, the Grandmothers gathered me in their arms and held me, while our Grandfathers stood. I cannot describe the light and energy I felt and it touched all present.

On my way back to base here and will give celebration and appreciation to The One That Is In All Things.

Over this recent intense and painful time with kidney stones that have been progressing for several years, I am seeing the reality of how we create matter in the way we think. Even when we are well-educated and knowledgeable in the human process of evolving and it’s many fields, it is always those deep, early emotions that are the subconsciousness that takes the greater presence in the count down!

I had childhood experiences that I have not considered to be of great impact. Yet it has been there no matter how much I have used all the techniques and have whole-heartedly lived a reality of great love and wisdom, the effects of those early years of non-acceptance and abuse, as well as fear of my life, had its toll. Looking back on particular times, I can see what was real and imagined and speak to them intelligently and feel no surface reaction, BUT it is there like distant thunder! 

So I have had to do a “stop – change” and take it to full view, no shadow and no sweet talk and spiritual overlay to cover it.

Abuse and injustice cuts deep and life is marked with its scars. I see how my life’s service is focused on my love of humanity and intimately feel for the suffering and suppressed in our world due to all that has been mine to live. I now have healed a great deal of it and resolved its physical presence. I have to do more in detox and heart-mind work. I am happy in my service and teachings. I feel the gift of it in my present time and as usual accepting that life is an ever going, evolving process that is ongoing and keeps you on your feet!

So all this is saying my life is in a powerful state of reviewing how to handle denial of fear and pain and has added a dimension that again renews my trust and love of life’s purpose!! I am a perennial student and life is an adventure!

So to all who have ridden with me on this wave of the Zuvuya, I am much better. The pain has lifted and almost gone! So still in process and I am astonished in how many years I have held back on this and developed a powerful ability to live in pain. I am accepting the gift of it and seeing that it has made me a powerful warrior. For this I do truly appreciate what life-giving success it has been to the benefits of the many. I have focused on the higher ground I am on due to the experience, but Beloveds, I wish it on no one and cannot say it was easy and no suffering.

Thank you for the love and energy you have all sent me over these months. I accept it and have wrapped myself in its cocoon!!

All good things to you always!!

Stay tuned, this part of the story has just begun!!!



Pa’Ris’Ha invites you to Evolve Expo 2014 in Denver, Colorado Feb. 21-23

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Message From Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

There are those who see and think, as Nature shows us, that there is ‘The One That Is In All Things”, the manner we often reference Creator/God. The Cycles of all energy is a Circle, and it evolves back to where it began.  Natives see and think in Circles. We know all is energy; All Is That Creator/God IS. We are The I AM.

Nature shows us that it is impeccable; it is the essence of Life, all life. And within all of Life/Creation, there is the Circle. The Circle is the seed of life, so we are always complete in why we exist; our purpose is designed within our fingerprint, which is our life identity. In the middle of our fingerprint is a circle, unlike any other!!! Means nothing? It gives you a role in this life that says you are Chosen, and an only one. A Oneness in God and individual in trust to be as given.

Our birthright then is to be as God Is and to validate God’s love in all we do and say. We do not need to seek love, we need BE it! One is not more than the other, just different. It is the many different sounds that make the symphony. We all fit and are of purpose. When in harmony, as is Nature’s way, we are of health, wealth and happiness!! This is the reality of our existence.

Now, to get the balance in place, we exercise the Will. That is decision and choice, which often has difficulties for many. We need to allow time to experience life and the journey in discovery of our story in theater of the mind.

You will always find that you will not learn, but discover and be aware of all you are seeking. You are already; it is here now in present time, all it will ever be. So as we are here to explore and journey in mind, always we are living the dream. And there is only now and there is nothing!!

So where do we go from here? We are Spirit, evolving in Mind and Body! So let’s first come to know of what we are and its power. So we must understand how the Thinking goes, and how to do it, and then allow the Being it to unfold.

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